“My Mission Is To Help 1,000 Gen-X Entrepreneurs Start Their Very Own Successful Side Hustle Business.”

Mike Roy, born in 1973, falls right in the middle of Generation X no matter where you draw the demographic line. He’s an artist, creative director, and entrepreneur who’s been blessed with a diverse array of experiences.  He has credits in an award-winning feature film (The Book of Life), he worked on a music video with over 1 billion views on YouTube (Katy Perry’s Firework), and he even sang onstage once with Andreas Bocelli (full disclosure: there were a lot of other people on that stage, too.)

During college he lived for a semester in Florence, Italy, and traveled around Europe. Another summer he toured Scotland with a missionary singing group. After graduating from Harding University with an Art degree in 1995, he freelanced and then joined a multimedia training company, where he designed custom graphics, interactions, and themes for enterprise-level training courses.

Giving a presentation on VR with Bill Ennis of Autodesk

Mike speaking on virtual reality at NAB 2016 with Bill Ennis of Autodesk

In 1999, joined ReelFX as the 17th employee. Since then, he has helped grow the animation and creative content studio into a 300+ person company doing over $30 million a year in revenue. He’s created award-winning content for a variety of national brands including Sony, Samsung, American Express, Verizon, Nestle, Gatorade, Hasbro, Coke, Pepsi, Annheiser-Busch, Lionsgate, Universal, Disney, Showtime, Dreamworks, JCPenney, Electronic Arts, Home Depot, McDonald’s, Chrysler, Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Fiat, and Hyundai.

In recent years he assisted the company in adding virtual reality to its suite of services, designing workflows and lending creative direction to cutting-edge content for VR 360 platforms. Because of his pioneering work in this space, he’s been invited to consult and speak in a variety of venues from Las Vegas to New York City.

From an early age, he’s had solid business and success principles modeled for him – especially by his dad, who was a successful CEO. Later, his dad started a family business which Mike has helped with for over twenty years.

Introducing Kiki, the Side Hustle Husky.

As an entrepreneur, he’s started (and failed at) a number of side hustles. He has bought and sold investment real estate, developed apps, published books, and has had a top 200 product in a main category on Amazon. He taught himself how to design websites way back in 1996, and has done freelance web design for various clients since that time. Around 2011, he started leveraging his skills as a professional content creator to blog and build various online-based businesses.

After this diverse array of experiences, he realized that his true passion isn’t just building businesses for himself, but helping other people build theirs. He gained further clarity when he attended a speaking event where he learned more about his generation, people born between approximately 1965 and 1980. He was struck by the fact that many in this under-represented demographic shared his desire to start their own business in order to get more control of their financial destiny and provide for their loved ones.

As a result, he decided to start a movement to help 1,000 Gen-X entrepreneurs start their very own side hustle businesses. This is when GenX Side Hustle was born. It combines two things he loves: entrepreneurship and helping others people achieve success in life (and being able to talk about 80’s sitcoms and hair bands in the process.)

He’s a firm believer that true fulfillment doesn’t just come from personal success, but that it involves serving others. He has a heart for helping people, and has at different times dedicated his resources to inner-city ministry, foster parenting, and working as a houseparent at a children’s home.

He’s originally from Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, and after seeing much of the world he decided that it was a pretty great place to raise a family. He’s lived there since 1997, and comes home to a Gen-X wife, two Gen-Z kids, a rescue Pit Bull Mix and the Side Hustle Husky.