“A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar structure to the territory, which accounts for its usefulness.”
– Alfred Korzybski (In Science & Sanity)

Remember what you needed in the pre-internet days when you wanted to go on a road trip through unfamiliar territory?

Nearly every glove box or trunk had one: a dog-eared and well worn copy of that veritable encyclopedia of the road, the Rand McNally Road Atlas.

But as we all found out eventually, the good ol’ Atlas only got you so far. There were plenty of times when its printed permanency kept it from accurately showing you new developments in the road.

Remember those times? We had to become resourceful and fill in the missing info where the map had failed. That meant we had to wing it, take an unexpected detour, or… (gasp!)… ask a local for directions.

In much the same way, we often carry around a set of directions in our minds about how to achieve our side hustle business goals.

We often have a “map” for how to do things like get clients, build a compelling offer, or make a profit.

Your “map” is your internal representation of how things are. It may based off of a past event or impression.

Where does this map come from? Often, it comes from a blog post here, a podcast there. Pieces of it trickle out of free ebooks, published articles, or online courses. It can even come from a well-meaning relative or friend who says “this doesn’t work… and this does.”

For years, my business “map” was an absolute mess. It was a taped-together conglomeration of ideas from various sources like this that led me around and around in circles.

And years after I started scraping this map together, I still had nothing much in the way of a business… I wasn’t making much income, or making a real impact on anybody.

Finally, I found mentors who had a complete map of where I wanted to go…. each step laid out concisely, what to expect, and what to do when challenges came up.

And not only that… they were also there to assist me when I needed help. (Kind of like a “roadside assistance” for my business!)

Which brings me to this question: How’s your map working for you?

  • Is it showing you the way to get what you want as clearly as possible?
  • Is it able to help you when you’re unsure how to proceed… or even when you’re just discouraged about the journey, and in need of a pep talk?
  • Is your map drawn to limit you, or to empower you?

If you’re interested in upgrading your “map” to one that actually works (instead of trying to follow a taped-up mess) then I have something for you.

It’s a free phone call with me or someone on my team to talk about your business.

In this complimentary session, we’ll help you:

  • Get absolute clarity on what you’d like to accomplish in the next six months to a year
  • Uncover any hidden challenges that may be keeping you from achieving your goals
  • Discover the most effective side hustle business for your unique set of gifts, experience, and needs.

To book your free call, simply go to https://mikeroy.co/call.

Don’t get stuck going around in circles!

Find someone who has a map to the success you want, and who’s willing to start walking with you right away to get there.

It can all start with this call.

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I look forward to speaking with you!

Your friendly neighborhood tour guide,