Mike Roy is an entertaining, offbeatly humorous and knowledgable speaker that won’t fail to deliver. He combines years of creative experience with engaging storytelling to deliver a unique and lasting experience.

He’s aware of how difficult it is to listen to yet another dry, boring speaker drone on and on about generic topics while you sit in the audience trying to stay awake. Mike believes in keeping things interactive by regularly engaging the crowd and interacting with attendees directly.

After experiencing one of Mike’s talks, attendees will have a lasting set of mental tools that can literally transform the way they think about life and business. Not only that, but they will have some great memories of an entertaining event!

Mike’s Keynote Speaking Topics

We’re Still Alive (Don’t You Forget About Us)

This is a wake-up call to Generation X to dream bigger, achieve more, and make a bigger impact. A card-carrying member of GenX, Mike shares some humorous and inspirational stories about growing up in the “Jan Brady” generation. This memorable talk is sure to entertain and motivate no matter what generation you’re from.

Smash Your Ceilings!

Learn how to dream bigger and achieve more that you ever dared to before. Mike shares a repeatable, learnable process that anyone can use to smash through the obstacles that stand in the way of success in both life and business.

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